New Product Development

With lots of experience working in engineering and manufacturing we help our clients to improve their new product development processes, getting products to market quickly and profitably.

Oneflow has many years of experience working with engineering and manufacturing clients to help them improve new product development processes that lead to getting products to market faster and to do this profitably

Oneflow is most value to our client’s when we are involved in a project from concept to production.  Our new product development consultancy services include problem solving, developing products into production, identifying and rectifying issues to reduce the risk of failure in production, reducing lead times and designing products for profitable manufacture and assembly

We have worked with clients employing as few as 10 employees through to divisions of multi-national blue chip organisations.  We provide our clients with the insight required to create, streamline and standardise bills of materials needed for new product production and workout a scalable cost for the supply of the product when it moves from product prototype to full production. We help our clients assess the profitability and therefore the viability of their new product and manufacturing methods, then design the factory layout, or the appropriate manufacturing and assembly system and processes whether that is in-house or outsourced.  

By combining the engineering background of Oneflow’s consultants with best practice that is supported by proven manufacturing processes we are adept at problem solving and getting new products into the market quickly.  For our clients we have achieved reductions in manufacturing lead times, we have designed manufacturing processes that result in on time delivery to end users, we have shown how to achieve substantial cost savings and demonstrated how management can be freed from operational and manufacturing issues to focus on business growth.

Our new product development solutions are delivered by our consultants John Baldwin and Andy Taylor.  We do not use contract designers or engineers.  The skills, knowledge and experience of our consultants allow us to provide our clients with a single source for all their new product development needs.  We can even help clients to obtain R&D tax credits and advice on other funding that is available. 

Oneflow has implemented new product development projects with a host of businesses in a wide range of sectors, for more information see our selection of Case Studies.  Some of our clients have had existing new product development programmes that have needed someone to step in and project manage, or support their in-house design and manufacturing teams, in an interim management capacity.

Whatever stage your new product development programme is at, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business issues, please Contact Us today for a no obligation discussion.