Interim Management

Our expert consultants can become your interim manager or director of manufacturing, production or operational departments to help you through an emergency or provide project management at short-notice.  

Oneflow’s expert consultants are uniquely qualified to step in to your business as an interim manager or director. We specialise in managing manufacturing, production or operational teams and departments to help you through a crisis or a period of change. We can also work as an interim manager on a stand-alone project for us to project manage at short-notice.

The business reasons for needing an interim manager are varied, but having worked across an extensive range of business sectors with people at all levels our hands-on experience enables us to take on virtually any interim management position in a manufacturing, engineering or process driven business.

We’ve designed and delivered new factory layouts and worked on specific productivity improvement projects as an interim manager, rather than on a consultancy basis, working as part of our client’s team. We have become an interim project manager, and even worked as an interim construction manager delivering a factory extension for a client!

The very nature of providing interim management means we are flexible. We can react very quickly to your short-term management needs working to a fee structure that fits with your requirements.

There are many benefits to appointing an interim manager from outside your own business.

If speed is essential we can be working with you in a matter of a few hours or days and are used to getting to grips with a situation very quickly and delivering results.

Our experience means we have very likely dealt with a similar issue before and have the knowledge and ability that may be daunting to a less experienced internal person.

If you appoint an internal person into an interim role, you create a gap in their own department or risk over-stretching them, which reduces the likely success of the project.

We are responsible and accountable for the deliverables we agree, and our track record gives our clients peace of mind that we are competent and capable of achieving the outcome they need.

We are impartial to company politics which could embroil an internal person, we know we have a job to do that we will do to the very best of our ability and then we know we will be surplus to requirements. The client doesn’t have to worry about whether to promote us or whether we will be happy to go back to the job we were doing.

Objectivity and new ideas are unquestionable benefits of employing a highly skilled and experienced professional as an interim manager.

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