Business Transformation

Using our unique Oneflow approach, based on proven management techniques and Lean Thinking, Business Transformation is all about delivering major change throughout an organisation resulting in long term quality improvement, cost reduction, increased delivery performance and lead time reduction.   

The Problem

The catalyst for business transformation could be a great growth opportunity which means a company needs to quickly upscale production or increase its service capacity with the same amount of space and personnel.  It could be a crisis situation with the threat that business will be lost unless they can deliver productivity, cost and efficiency improvements quickly.  Our clients are typically facing a challenge of some sort that could benefit from Oneflow’s approach;

  • Clients looking for growth
  • Need to make fundamental strategic change to adapt
  • Continued and ongoing poor performance
  • Current Lean or Business Transformation program is failing to deliver
  • Issues within the supply chain
  • Need to change the culture to create one of ongoing Continuous Improvement

In all cases our clients have reached a point where they need to change.

Benefits of Business Transformation

Engaging with Oneflow to transform your business delivers benefits in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce throughput and lead times
  • Reduce inventories and improved cash flow
  • Reduction in rejects and improved right first time for products and services
  • Health and Safety issues reduced
  • Improved floor space utilisation and return on assets
  • Time to market halved for new products
  • Wider variety of products can be offered and supplied
  • Cost reduction
  • Development of a continuous Improvement culture

How We Do It

Through expert coaching and management techniques we impart a different way of thinking to managers, directors, staff and operational teams.  We use Lean methodology, sometimes called Lean thinking to identify wasteful practices or tasks that add little or no value and we apply proven tool and techniques, widely used in top flight businesses, to create change with the ultimate aim of creating a continuous improvement culture.

Our approach to helping you is based around our "Learning to See, Learning to Do and Learning to Sustain" process. Our core principles through this process are;

  • Engage with people at all levels of your organisation
  • Coach and mentor your people and transfer the skills required 
  • Provide challenging and practical training and workshops
  • Lead you in the right direction with appropriate advice and structure
  • Carry out the transformation alongside you and your employees
  • Develop the strategies to sustain the transformations
  • Manage change and develop the right culture

We show our clients to 'learn to see' by mapping existing processes and using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) techniques.  We look at data analysis and problem solving and then establish a map of what the business will be like in the future.  Then we work with the whole team on the implementation so they ‘learn to do’. The third step is to measure the impact and determine continuous improvement actions and reporting and future strategies so they ‘learn to sustain’. It is important that the whole business is involved in the changes and often some of the people closest to the day-to-day processes have the best insights and ideas for continuous improvement.

Why Use Oneflow?

Whatever the driver for change, Oneflow’s track record in delivering business transformation is second to none and will ensure that change is implemented quickly and efficiently and will bring lasting results now and in the future. We have experience in a wide range of sectors many of them, such as food, automotive and aerospace, have stringent health and safety and quality requirements. This best practice and knowledge is transferrable and relevant to any business whether they are in an industrial or service sector.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business issues, please Contact Us today for a no obligation discussion.