Unpublished Six Sigma

Six Sigma is now a widely used and proven philosophy for making improvement and reducing process variability. Oneflow and its associates can support your company at whatever stage it is at in using Six Sigma.

Whether you need training of Black Belts and Green Belts, you need a mentoring function or you simply need us to run a project for you, Oneflow can tailor the support that best suits you.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma uses a systematic approach, based on data and statistical tools, to improve processes and sustain those improvements. Process metrics are established and then evaluated by comparing averages and variations to the required performance targets.

Six Sigma is project and team based and follows the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control Phase (DMAIC). The project goal is to save money by improving the process through finding the true root causes, carrying out improvement to eliminate them and setting up controls to ensure the improvement is sustained.

Real data is used to remove the emotional response to the problem and to avoid finding sticking plaster solutions.

Our Offer

There are three main areas where Oneflow can help:

Acting as a Black Belt

Oneflow would provide a consultant who would effectively act as a Black Belt in the client company. We would take a specific process control problem that could be resolved by Six Sigma and run a project using Six Sigma and the DMAIC approach to improve that process.

Oneflow would work with a team and employees from the client. Basic training would be provided as the project develops but the main focus is managing the project, providing the expertise and improving the process.

Training of Black Belts or Green Belts

Oneflow would provide straight forward Six Sigma training programs to either black belt or green belt level, typically over a 2-4 week program. The trainers provided are all trained and certified in industries where Six Sigma is extensively practiced. The program will be overseen by at least a Black Belt or Master Black Belt.


This can be built in with training or provided as a separate activity. The aim is for Oneflow to help our client's Black Belts and Green Belts over a period of time to deliver their own successful project. A number of onsite days can be used to provide advice, additional training, direct support and project management.

This approach ensures the client has successful sustainable projects that deliver real savings and strengthens its internal Six Sigma capability.