Unpublished Lean Implementation

Lean is a set of principles to manage and transform your business to deliver improved value to customers whilst using less resource. It was defined by Womack and Jones in their book "Lean Thinking".

At Oneflow we want to help you implement this thinking so your company can also benefit and become a Lean organisation.

To find out more about lean and the basic principles click here and see below for our approach to helping you.

The Learning to See, Learning to Do and Learning to Sustain Process

Learning to see

The first and most important phase is to train your team to "learn to see". Your team will become experts in identifying the value adding process and the 7 Wastes. With our guidance a common picture of what is really happening in your processes will be created.

From here, using the principles of Lean, the current state can be challenged, opportunities identified and an improved future state condition mapped out.

Learning to do

With a plan for the future in place its on to the doing!

The specific projects required will be identified and planned out. Oneflow will begin working along side your team "Learning to Do" and training them in the specific Lean Tools. Through mentoring and challenging the team with tasks the improvements will soon become visible.

This way of working gives you the benefit of real improvements, whilst changing your culture and thinking as it happens.

Learning to sustain

With your transformation well under way and improvements being realised, the focus needs to switch to longer term lean development. At this stage Oneflow's philosophy is to adopt a more hands off role.

This allows your people to carry on with the physical changes whilst we continue to challenge your thinking, help you develop your lean strategy and provide relevant support on current and future projects. The aim is to drive improvement every day, build the culture and help you to sustain the change.

Oneflow's approach to Lean

At Oneflow we believe in building relationships with our clients over a sustained period of time. Implementing Lean is not an overnight process and at different stages our clients will need different levels of support.

At Oneflow we can help with a program to suit your needs based on where you are in your lean journey.

Our approach to helping you is based around our "Learning to See, Learning to Do and Learning to Sustain" process. Our core principles through this process are to:

  • engage with people at all levels of your business
  • provide challenging and practical training
  • lead you in the right direction with appropriate advice and structure
  • carry out the work and improvement activity alongside you and your employees
  • help you develop the strategies to sustain lean
  • manage change and develop the right culture

Our overall aim is to mentor your people and transfer the skills required. The result being the creation of your own skilled Lean thinkers capable of leading and being part sustained improvements.

No two companies are the same, so if you like our approach and would be interested in Oneflow supporting you, then please contact us so we can discuss your needs. It would be our pleasure to come and visit you to understand your company and how we could help.