Food for Thought

Food for Thought; Oneflow has a long history of helping manufacturing companies improve efficiency with routes in the furniture sector. These days you are just as likely to find us in the kitchen rather than helping companies that make them.

Oneflow has been working in the food sector for a number of years  but with a recent increase in clients and projects from this sector. The challenges of a fast paced retail led environment with high variety and exacting standards leaves food producers with many issues to overcome. With tight margins and high waste if they get it wrong, food manufacturers need to drive out efficiency improvements, put in place standard processes and manage to demand. All of these issues can be overcome through using Lean manufacturing techniques and embracing a culture of continuous improvement. This is where Oneflow has been helping and has worked with clients on specific projects around factory layouts and process flow improvements, production scheduling, demand and stocking profiles, standard production processes and productivity improvements. 

John Baldwin who has led a number of these client projects said "The food industry has its own set of challenges like every industry but it too can use the principles of Lean and Continuous improvement techniques to solve its problems. By eliminating non value added work and getting processes right first time they can also deliver significant improvement in Quality Cost and Delivery."

Oneflow are now working with an number of clients on a long term basis to provide ongoing support and coaching to help them continue to improve and grow. A number of these projects have been supported by Growth Accelerator and MAS as part of the Business Growth Service for which Oneflow are register suppliers and coaches.

If adding Oneflows expert knowledge to your business sounds like a recipe for success we'd be delighted to speak to you. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion.