Making Ice cream with Oneflow

Making Ice cream with Oneflow. Oneflow have been helping and Italian ice cream maker prepare for the summer and ongoing growth with a recipe of Lean Thinking to deliver impressive improvements.


Scoop Fine Italian Gelato Limited makes Italian ice cream to an authentic recipe selling through its own retail outlets across London. Scoop produces its “gelato” in house making a complete range of flavours from fresh ingredients and raw materials sourced from around the world.

With continuing growth and the summer time approaching, Matteo Pantani was determined that his operation became scalable whilst maintaining the efficiency, quality of service and the freshness of product that Scoop have become famous for.  Matteo asked Oneflow to develop the 'Scoop way’, formalised into a visual and useable Standard Operational Manual that could be used throughout the business. 


In order to support Scoops objectives and deliver the scalability sought, Oneflow broke the project down to three areas 

1. Help Scoop complete a set of work instructions and operating procedures for the retail, production and logistics functions of the business to bring stability

2. Develop a production planning system to cope with the volatility of ice cream sales induced by the British weather and the need to supply across 3 retail outlets

3. A stock reconciliation system for  fast moving consumables


Working with the Scoop staff including logistic, production and retail managers, John Baldwin of Oneflow helped the team identified the best methods, layout, organisation and reporting for the operation. There were then turned into a set of flow charts and work instructions.

John then helped the team establish universal standards for customer service, ice cream making and shop replenishment.

The final piece of the improvement recipe then came in the shape of a production capacity planning model. This included getting the team to look at their Runner, Repeater, and Stranger profile of flavours and putting rules in place as what to make and when.  A concept that is helping the team improve their machine effectiveness and allow for the demand volatility due to the vagaries of the British weather!


With the new systems in place, Scoop is seeing consistency of service across all retail outlets.  The improved production planning is delivering efficiency improvements of 18% and a reduction in shop stock levels. This in turn is freeing up valuable space for greater flexibility and reducing working capital.

As the shops ramp up for summer the use of visual instructions and standard operating procedures are proving invaluable for staff training and delivering consistency of operation, controls and activity across all of the Scoops retail shops.

Matteo Pantani , Managing Director concluded 'John  clearly understood the goal of the project since the beginning and executed  our project by working closely with the  Scoop team. With John’s previous experience in food manufacture, John quickly learnt the intricacies of the gelato industry which has helped Scoop maximise its achievement and make this project a successful.'

John Badwin of Oneflow concluded 'Making a large range of flavours of fresh high quality ice cream with a short shelf life and selling it in the UK with the vagaries of our weather requires serious lean thinking to realise an efficient and profitable business.'


If you think working with Oneflow good be a recipe for your success then please contact us here. In the meantime why not visit one of Scoops outlets and have a taste of the success or visit their website here.